Cadillac 1930 V8

The Cadillac has been a long term restoration. The vehicle was purchased in pieces and was made up of many different 1930 Cadillac components including V8 and V16 parts. Over the years the owners of the Cadillac have sourced the required parts to make the Cadillac complete.

The Cadillac needed panel and timber work. The rear timber cross member was rotten and the lower panel was rusted. The front guards had extensive rust and panel damage. Some of the components that could not be sourced were made using photos as a reference.

The Cadillac was painted in two pack metallic. The engine was overhauled and rebuilt. The gearbox and differential were overhauled. The diff ratio was changed to help the Cadillac keep up with highway traffic.


Restoration Slideshow

View the progress of the restoration from start to finish.

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