Hillman 1934

The 1934 Hillman came to the workshop for a full restoration. After its former life in Scotland as an everyday driver and family car the Hillman has travel the world. The timber frame and steel work is showing signs of abuse from years of hard work and hostile environments.


Once the interior trim was removed it exposed the extent of the damage to the chassis and body. Fiberglass had been used to cover rusted section of the body work and chassis. The timber work had been completely rotted and covered in fibreglass in an attempt to strengthen the body. The body was removed from the chassis and the running gear was stripped down.

The engine was removed from the chassis and stripped down. The engine was seized and many of the parts were badly worn. The engine was machined and reassembled with mostly new old stock parts. The engine was fitted to the test bed for its initial run. The chassis was sandblasted and rusted section were cut out. New panels were made and welded in place. The chassis was checked over for correct alignment.




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