LaSalle 1928

The 1928 LaSalle Golf door has come together for pieces delivered by the customer. The timber frame had been built a few years ago by another restoration company. The vehicle had been partly restored in the past including the engine. Because the LaSalle had been standing for many years with-out being started or turned over the mechanical parts needed overhaul and checking.

The chassis has been checked over and sandblasted. The chassis was painted with semi gloss chassis black. The engine was stripped down and checked over . Rusted engine parts were cleaned along with swarf and loose nuts found in the engine. The crank and big end bearings were checked over. The engine was reassembled and was painted black. The distributor has been covered to a modern type from a Holden V8. The brake drums were machined and set. New brake linings were rivet to the original shoe irons. The gear box and differential was overhauled.

The body work has been hand made to suit the timber frame. The only original panels available to us was the scuttle and doors to get a general idea for the body shape. The panel work on the back was made from steel and made in sections and oxy-welded together to form the larger rear tub. The tub was file finished and painted inside with black two pack and the outer with Epoxy primer. The next stage of this restoration is to start the repair work needed on the scuttle, bonnet and guards.


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