1938 La Salle

The La Salle was in poor but complete condition. It is believed that the vehicle was used in the military for a few years and was painted in green. Although the vehicle was complete it was stripped out in a paddock and left to rot.

The chassis was complete and  overhauled. The chassis was painted in gloss black. The body shell and body panels were sandblasted to remove the paint work and to clean the panel from rust. This model did not originally come with six wheel equip. The customer liked the idea of converting the vehicle to six wheel equip so the brackets and recesses were fitted to the vehicle. The lead over the panel joins was removed and the rust underneath was cleaned.

The joints were re-lead wiped. Rusted floor panels were replaced. The body shell was file finished. The V8 engine and gear box had been overhauled and were fitted to the chassis before the body was painted. The La Salle was painted in two pack metallic. All the chrome work was restored and refitted. New wiring harness was fitted.


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