Mechanical Restoration and Rebuild


In recent times we and our customers have been very disappointed with chassis and running gear repairs offered by other restoration companies especially those specialising in mechanical repairs. Due to this we are seeing an increase in the mechanical repairs needed on vintage and classic cars. We have always offered mechanical restoration, repairs and servicing. Now chassis, mechanical repairs and servicing make up around 30 percent of the work carried out at Sydney Vintage Car Restorations.   

We offer:

  • Complete engine overhauls.

  • Complete manual and automatic gearbox overhaul.

  • Complete chassis repairs and overhauls including, chassis straightening, hot riveting and fatigue repairs.

  • Differential repairs and overhaul.

  • Lubrication system overhaul and repair.

  • Knee action shock absorber repairs.

  • Vintage brake shoe relining.

  • Mechanical brake and hydraulic brake repairs including, hydraulic brake line manufacturing, cables or rod manufacturing and repair.

  • Clutch overhauls and hydraulic clutch line manufacturing.

  • Complete suspension overhaul and repairs.

  • Steering system unit repairs.

When restoring your vintage or classic car having a reliable and safe running gear is one of the most important keys to happy motoring.

Aston Martin DB4

Holden F.J.

Holden FJ LYNX triple S.U. Carburetors.