VC Valiant

The Valiant was complete and running when it came to the workshop. The customer wanted to give the vehicle a complete restoration from the ground up. The Valiant has been in the same family for many years and has great sentimental value to it current owner.

The Valiant has been stripped down to its bare body shell. It has been sandblasted and painted inside every cavity with two pack paint. The rear quarter panels have been removed for repair from accident damage and rust. This also gives further opportunity to coat the hard to reach areas in the boot with paint.

The body shell has been fitted to a spit and the underside has been completely stripped and painted. The motor and gearbox has been inspected, repaired and reconditioned. The differential has been inspected, reconditioned and refitted to the vehicle. The motor and gearbox has been refitted and test run.


Restoration Slideshow

View the progress of the restoration from start to finish.

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